Fraste Multidrill XL 140

FRASTE MULTIDRILL XL 140: compact, flexible and powerful, surely the best performance to dimension ratio. Thanks to its simple modular-based construction and its high technological content the MULTIDRILL XL 140 can be customised to suit any drilling system.

Aggressive professional applications and a wide action range allow to drill both for Soil Investigations and Water Wells with direct/reverse fluid circulation or with down the hole (DTH) hammer.


106 Kw (142 Hp) TIER 3 - 110 Kw (148 Hp) TIER 4 F

Rotary head stroke

3500 - 4500 mm (11,5 - 14,7 ft)


10000 daN (22480 lbf)


6800 daN (15287 lbf)

Max rotary head torque

1760 daNm (12981 ft lbf)

Max rotary head speed

1330 rpm


Ø 60-350 mm (2,3"-13,8")


~ 9400 Kg (~ 20723 lb)

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